Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Blanket Cake- Baby Shower Gift

When I found out I had to go to a baby shower I wanted to make a unique gift so i searched for ideas and I was inspired by the baby diaper cakes. I tried to think of a way to do a spin off of it and I ended up using 5 baby blankets with baby sock flowers as a topper and a decorative sign to finish the ensamble. I used embroidered blankets to personalize the gift but you certainly can use blank or printed ones.
I found a video on youtube that had step by step instructions on how to make the sock flowers. They were suprisingly easy although they were the most expensive part of the gift!
After a few trial and error tests I found it was the easiest way to get all 5 blankets to stay together.  This was super simple to put together and needed no wrapping! The bundle looked great by its self and the expecting mommy loved this gift!

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